Pavement Network
Buyer’s Alliance

The Pavement Network Buyer’s Alliance (PNBA) is a group of successful pavement professionals who are banding together to leverage their combined buying power to secure the best programs, pricing, and partnerships to add value and profits to their businesses—as well as the vendors, manufacturers, and distributors who serve the pavement industry.

Millions of dollars of combined member buying power in 2020:

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We partner with leading national vendors.

Our members operate large-scale pavement maintenance companies across the country, and they require millions of dollars in vendor, supplier, and distributor support to keep their operations growing and running smoothly every year.

Our Director of Programs and Pricing works closely with all of our preferred PNBA vendors in order to develop relationships with integrity, secure best national pricing, and ensure that all of our members remain in good standing.

Office Depot
Advance Auto Parts
DeSando Insurance Service
Sherwin Williams
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Lawson Products

Member Highlights

The PNBA's inaugural members have built a relationship of integrity, experience, and professional camaraderie over the past 20 years as part of the exclusive nationwide best practices group, The Pavement Network. They formed the Buyer's Alliance in January of 2020, after a year of research and development and crafted after several other successful industry-specific buyer's groups, in order to combine their purchasing power to create positive, lasting, win-win relationships with top-tier vendors serving the pavement maintenance industry.

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Performance Requirements

In order to be allowed to participate in and take advantage of the benefits afforded by the PNBA, each member must meet the following performance criteria:
Minimum Spend

Total minimum annual purchasing volume, $200,000 through PNBA vendors

Professional Integrity

Respect for manufacturers, vendors, and existing members to include but not limited to financial integrity, compliance with payment provisions and adherence to any advertising and secondary marketing requirements

Business Acumen

Professional performance

Shareholder Investment

One-time investment to purchase a share of PNBA stock

Annual Dues

Prompt payment of $2,500 annually

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All of the inaugural members of PNBA are active participants in the 20-year old Pavement Network, and as a result, this Buyer's Alliance is built on integrity and leadership in the paving industry.

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