A Powerful Way to Help the Bottom Line in Your Industry

While it is understood that networking is a powerful tool for individuals, the same benefits can apply for your company looking to gain a competitive advantage. This is true for companies in the construction industry in general, and the paving and parking lot business more specifically. For both individuals and companies, the best practices are similar:

  • Network with relevant partners
  • Choose to interact with quality contacts
  • Seek to provide value to your partners
  • Share ideas, information, and resources

The benefits of this approach are numerous. For starters, it is a good way to exchange ideas with others in your field. Networking can also bring opportunities your way in the form of new clients or increased referrals. Working with others in your field can alert you to areas where your company needs to improve or where there is growth potential. Also, partnering with the right groups can result in a better brand image, an increase in community status, and even a growth in self-confidence.  

Networking Can Strengthen Your Pavement Business

Building better personal and professional relationships is one key to successful networking. If you run or own an industry geared toward the paving industry, networking can expand your company’s institutional expertise. An increase of your knowledge in the following services will only strengthen your business:

  • Parking lot signage
  • Parking lot striping
  • Repair maintenance
  • Sealcoating
  • Lighting
  • ADA compliance 

Whether your company does it all or specializes in certain areas, there will be times when you will want to refer your customers to trusted names in your field. This will build goodwill with your customers and likely create a better relationship. At the same time, you will be developing a beneficial relationship with other businesses in your community. 

As you give out referrals, ideas, and information about other companies, you should also receive the same from this network. This can bring in new business to your company and help you maintain a steady supply of customers, even in periods of low activity. 

Networking Provides an Avenue for Better Pricing

As a member of PNBA you also gain access to a network of professionals and vendors which plays a role in getting you excellent national pricing contracts, making your company more attractive to clients. By leveraging the buying power of large paving and asphalt companies across the U.S. that do millions of dollars of business every year, you become a preferred partner with national vendors. This enables your company to secure the materials you need to keep the heavy equipment operating, resulting in fewer supply chain disruptions. As a preferred member of PNBA, you also have the advantage of the annual rebate. 

A strong network also makes sure that your partners adhere to high professional standards, including suppliers and manufacturers. This means that when you refer a member company, you can feel confident they will respond with integrity and quality work. It also means you are likely to receive referrals from your counterparts. If you are looking for a win-win situation with other members of the construction and paving industry, we are here to help you at PNBA, a group of industry professionals who come together for the benefit of all. Contact us today to learn how positive relationships can help your company in the coming years