Adjusting to Life Without Construction Tradeshows

Trade shows weren’t exempted from the impact of the recent pandemic. With the health protocols preventing us from meeting face-to-face, industries found themselves at a loss with all their networking activities and exhibits being canceled. Trade shows were found to contribute largely to the country’s GDP. Companies use these events to showcase their latest products to international buyers. People also get to network with other industry leaders for knowledge and skills that can be useful to them in the future. There are a lot of benefits to holding these events therefore missing it for two years in a row has its implications.

Organizers have come to embrace this new normal by the use of technology via virtual events. We are coming of age and technology is here for us to use. Industry associations kept their lines open to keep the conversation going even under strict measures. Virtual conferences were held as in National Pavement Expos and World of Asphalt so experts can continue to share their knowledge and best practices. There’s a huge call for help and everyone is looking after one another.

In a recent article from by For Construction Pros, we can see how the industry has adapted to not having physical trade shows during this new normal. They write “While we can’t wait to get back out there and travel, the industry in the meantime has been forced to figure out how to continue to move forward while much of the world stands still.”

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