Building A Pavement Dynasty

It’s definitely amazing to know the story behind how companies stand the test of time. Small businesses may find inspiration in organizations such as L.M. Pike & Son Inc. This family business traces its history back in the 1870s when Luther M. Pike founded Pike’s Improved Concrete Company. From 30 employees and 12 teams of horses, many family members were able to participate in the growth of the business, thus in 1972, Luther’s great-grandson Milo L. Pike led the company to be one of the largest and most respected paving contractors in the nation.

From a Pike family business to a great company with amazing employees, programs to aid in their employees personal needs such as scholarship grants and pooled funds were put in place. Back in the 70s, they allowed their employees to fill up their tanks and deduct that from their paychecks. Milo believed that their greatest asset is its employees and it’s only fitting to give the most support that the company can give. This great culture made everyone want to work for Pike. The goal is not merely to grow the company, but more importantly, grow one another.

Learn from one of the most successful paving companies in the US and understand how they conquer all the challenges through the years, in an article featured in The Asphalt Pro. They write, “The expectation was one of working together to grow not just a company, but also to grow one another. And expectations were high.”

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