Building Resilient Roads & Highways

If there’s one word that stood out during this pandemic, that is going to be “Resilience”. In every industry in all the countries around the world, people learned how important resiliency is. We were reminded that no matter how successful we are if we are not tough enough to adapt and make use of whatever resources we have left, we will fail. Many economies are now halfway through their journey to recovery. The United States of America (US) under President Joe Biden’s leadership in developing policies that are pandemic and disaster-proof.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) created a “Disaster Resilience Framework” to serve as a guide in developing strategies in overcoming natural disasters and climate change. This framework covers the transportation industry. Building climate-resilient roads, highways, and infrastructures are inevitable to a stronger and efficient economic foundation. President Biden led “Building Back Better” with the hope of putting up a more resilient economy for the long-term. He believes that development should not only focus on modernization, but also in sustainable infrastructure and engines of growth.

In this article featured in For Construction Pros, they write: The framework is organized around three guiding principles—information, integration, and incentives and helps identify opportunities to enhance federal efforts to promote disaster resilience.

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