Construction Stories of 2020

This new year embarks new beginnings for all of us. It was indeed a year of tremendous challenges that called for strong resilience. Every single one of us has experienced a significant change in many aspects of our lives. The culture of work has changed, the way we do our groceries changed, the closing of borders and many more. If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, that is to be ready for the unexpected and to be able to adapt to it.

What better way to start the new year than to invest in your development, may it be for yourself or for your businesses. Take time to identify the things that you are good at, those that made you win your battles last year, and those that you fell short. Take a look back at what happened and see what you can pick up as lessons you can apply in the future. In the construction industry, funding has been a major issue as the government had redirected its budget towards the health sector. Another major concern is the cancellation of many construction projects due to limited resources and strict on-site health requirements.

In a recent article from For Construction Pros, you will see a summary of what happened in the construction industry in the past year and may be able to get some valuable lessons or strategies for 2021.

The news stories of 2020 definitely would have been quite different without the existence of COVID-19, but here’s a look at the stories that shaped the year:

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