Is Pervious Pavement The Answer to Sustainability?

Is it possible to achieve sustainability while being on a budget?

Pervious pavement proves that this is possible. It is a special type of concrete with little to no sand that allows water to flow directly through it. This reduces the chances of rainwater runoff thus eliminating the additional cost of a drainage system or retention ponds or swales. Due to its ability to let water to penetrate, groundwater supplies are recharged and pollutants that are to enter bodies of water are being treated. It also helps the tree’s root system for better transfer of water and air inside thus allowing trees to grow even in highly developed areas.

Because of its sustainability, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledges pervious pavement as Best Management Practice for stormwater runoff management. It is very important to know how the global market responds to this porous pavement technology. The Global Market Pervious Market report will be a great resource for the trends, growth, analysis, and forecast to 2027. It will include the current market situation on the basis of historical and projections on market size and technological advancement. An analysis of the permeable pavement market under the recent pandemic will be included to aid the growth forecast to 2027.

In a recent article published by Smart Industry News, an extensive report of the global pervious market for 2020 with a forecast to 2027 is discussed in detail. “The sample represents the format of the overall study which is designed to provide clarity on the structure of the report and some data points demonstrated in an attempt to provide insights into the study quality.”

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