Protecting Your Hearing on the Jobsite

People working in construction or concrete and asphalt roadways are prone to loud equipment noise. According to 3M’s senior technical specialist, Shari Smith, it’s common for construction workers to have the hearing of workers twice their age. Some workers do not even realize this early on, thus magnifying the risk of permanent hearing loss. Asphalt and construction companies are now prioritizing hearing protection in job sites. This problem is highly preventable with correct measures.

There’s a lot to consider in addressing this problem. Wearing earplugs is the common answer to this however, one should also take note of the comfort and quality when worn. Hearing-protectors with phone connectivity might be the best option here. It protects the ear from overexposure while allowing clear radio and phone communication. It is necessary that when given protective ear gear, employees should wear this the whole shift otherwise, they are not getting complete ear protection however modern the technology they are using.

In this an featured in The Asphalt Pro, construction and asphalt laying job sites were seen as environments that expose their employees’ ears to above normal noises. It is important to note the recommendations provided here to aid in your own processes and protocols.

They write, “Most people may not even realize they’re losing their hearing until it’s too late… Even with personal protective equipment, we must ensure workers (or safety directors) don’t get complacent about protecting workers’ hearing.”

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