The Commitment Coin

This new normal made us realize the value of life and the ways we can do to protect it. When faced with a pandemic where thousands of people die every day, the only thing you’ll wish is for you and your family to be safe. This is why during the lockdowns, people tend to be more health-conscious by taking in more natural vitamins and minerals to strengthen their immune system. A number of people also became more strict with their diets increasing greens and fruit intake. Even the indoor air quality has been a huge concern for most families with children and the elderly. We don’t want to bring in the virus from the outside to our loved ones. If only we can just stay home and let this all pass, but reality hits, and heads of the families still need to go to work, for a minimum number of days, to make a living.

A Safety Director of the Walbech Group family of companies, Chris Urech, initiated the Safety Coin Commitment Program. With the goal of making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe in the workplace, Chris provided each a coin that symbolizes that one worries for his safety or is unsure of performing his/her work on-site. It is true that in an industry where there is a majority of men of all ages, it might be hard for the young ones to speak up and say they don’t feel secure. In this program, all opinions are welcome. Everyone will be listened to and necessary actions will be done according to the concern.

In a recent article featured in Asphalt Pavement, the power that this coin gives each person on-site is such a huge help in making sure everyone feels safe.

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