Tack Coating Tips

Repairing asphalt pavement is important to prolong the life of the road. It needs to make sure that it will not only make it good on the surface, but also strengthens the existing pavement structural support. A tack coat can serve as a binder or emulsion to encourage bonding between layers. Unsuccessful tack coating will render the road inefficient to vehicle pressure and stress. One common problem when doing tack coating is the uneven application of tack on the surface. A foreman in Florida pioneered a technique to help solve this.

Foreman Chris Ance of Ajax Paving thought of using water to keep the tack from sticking to the truck tires. When there’s no tack coat on the wheel path, the road becomes prone to cracking and delamination. These cracks can cause the driver to be out of control and crash. This is why contractors need to make sure that tack coating is done correctly prior to the new HMA layer. Foreman Chris found the water useful in doing an even coating on the road. He used a 250-gallon water container for a whole day tack coating.

In a recent article featured in The Asphalt Pro, they discuss more about this technique. They write, “There’s also opportunity for the wheels of the paver to pick up tack and leave you with gaps in coverage, among other problems, when you’re trying to get good adhesion between the surface and your new mat.”

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