Time and Tech in Construction

The technological advancement that happened for the past couple of months has surpassed that of the recent years. Businesses were forced to digitize as strict health protocols for social distancing and limited face-to-face were implemented. In the construction industry where most systems and practices are still that of, from years ago, digital transformation and automation seems to be hard to embrace. Not to mention that the majority of the construction workforce comes from the older age bracket. However, despite this fact, in order to survive, businesses must be able to level-up and find ways to make these old processes conform to the “new normal”.

Automation and connectivity become the mainframe of business operations. Most meetings are now held online. Some inspections are also done remotely. Time ins and time outs are now recorded using software, therefore, saving time for more productive work. Time is expensive and that digitalization aims to make every second efficient. When the process is time-efficient, the productivity, and quality of work increase, as well. This can be your company’s #1 strength at this time when others struggle to embrace the upgrades.

If you haven’t realized it yet, digitalization, when done correctly, can transform your business into a profit-making machine. In this article featured in For Construction Pros, they write: “Digitization marks a shift away from traditional analog practices. It’s an integration of digital tools to streamline your existing business processes, like moving your time tracking, safety training, and various paper forms online. This makes the field data collection process more efficient, improves time tracking accuracy, and centralizes the field data for global visibility.”

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