Tips To Save on Your Pavement Maintenance Costs

Who cares about parking lots? It’s just a vacant space for cars to park. Little did we know that this vacant space can cost a huge amount of money when neglected. Parking lot maintenance can save you not just on cost, but also on accidents that can happen within your premises. Cracks may cause elderly people to slip, trip, or fall. When it rains, potholes can catch water that may be dangerous for drivers to drive through. A number of accidents can occur, ranging from simple to fatal impacts, if parking lots are not well-maintained

Experts say that just sealcoating parking lots every 3 to 5 years, and regularly filling cracks, can make it last up to 30 years. A regular asphalt parking lot only has a lifespan of 15 years without proper maintenance. There are simple ways that you can do to maintain your parking lots. Checking if there’s an oil stain can prevent asphalt from softening. When asphalt softens, it becomes easier to penetrate by the rain or snow. Sweeping and cleaning the area every day can prevent the debris from piling up which causes cracks to appear. The day-to-day maintenance can also serve as a daily check-up of the whole area.

In a recent article from Grainger they write, “initial sealcoating within three to six months after pavement installation is the industry standard, according to commercial provider Castle Driveway. Follow-ups should happen every three to five years, with crack filling being an annual affair.”

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