Tips to Top-Notch Paving

When you only have one chance to get it done, you do it right! Clients want to see that your finished project is worth the price. (Sometimes even more!) Contractors can definitely work out a tight budget as long as they will spend time examining exactly the current condition of the road. Checking the subgrade and making sure that it is rock solid will prevent the pavement to wear off easily. Careful planning and an honest assessment of the area are two things you wouldn’t want to be missed. Otherwise, you’re sure to waste time, money, and labor.

In a recent article in The Asphalt Pro, they write that a rock-solid subgrade and a properly lined up job will help you make a good starting point. Here are a few tips to help you have top-notch paving.

Check the Subgrade

“When performing a thinlay or a single lift of hot mix, one of the items to keep in mind is to make sure the subgrade is rock solid. The trucks coming to your job aren’t any lighter than they are when delivering mix to a highway project that calls for two or three layers. This means you want to be confident that your subgrade can support the trucks carrying 18 to 23 tons of mix.”

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