What NOT to do on the Jobsite

Construction projects aren’t just about the quality of materials being used. The “people factor” plays as much role as the materials and equipment on site. Educating your crew with the best practices can help greatly in making sure the operation will run smoothly. Especially for crew members that are in the industry for years, they might have to update their methods to meet current standards. In this way, you are also minimizing the possibilities of injuries and accidents.

There are common bad habits that are important to take notice of and address ASAP. Time and resources are at stake when these incorrect practices are made. For one, cutting back on preparing the equipment such as filling up water and fuel tanks, as well as, tracking the materials coming in and out. Unable to do these preliminary tasks can cause significant delay to the whole project. Another thing is guessing on the temperature. The required temperature is there for a reason. Unable to meet such requirements can render the quality of the pavement low.

Learn more about what NOT to do in this article featured in The Asphalt Pro. They write:

1. Don’t Try to Train Every Day

It’s just overwhelming to try to train crewmembers every day. Only train when the opportunity is good for you or you’ll hinder quality.

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