What’s Next for 2021?

The year 2020 brought us to a whole new era of labor and employment. With the implementation of standard health protocols, our business processes and systems have changed drastically. Construction companies are forced to go for a technological shift to adapt to this new work scheme. When most of the work is now online, a lot of collecting, sharing, and analyzing data are done remotely.

However, a huge percentage of construction companies are still using paper and spreadsheets. This means that the data derived from this are prone to human error that leads to incorrect decisions and analysis. The live field data might sound challenging to most construction companies but the fact that this has brought major convenience, efficiency, and accuracy to the management cannot be denied.

That’s why this trend is seen to continue in the next year where strict health guidelines are still to be observed. It might be bold to say that companies that aren’t able to adapt to this innovation face a considerably huge disadvantage to other companies but it’s quite the reality for 2021.

In an article published by Construction Equipment, they write, “66 percent of owners are still using paper and spreadsheets for field data collection, and 53 percent of owners use three or more apps to collect field data. Human entered data is full of inaccuracies and incompatible data that doesn’t allow easy comparison or management.”

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